Assured Sales, a London-based estate agents company, stands out as a particularly fulfilling project. From branding to website design, we had the opportunity to assist Assured Sales in achieving a new, polished look that perfectly represented their brand identity.

Branding Design

When we started working with Assured Sales, they had no logo and no cohesive brand identity. Together, we developed a branding strategy that would appeal to their target audience while also conveying their unique sales approach as estate agents. We worked together to choose a colour palette, font selection, and graphic elements that blended seamlessly to create a brand that was modern and professional.

Website Design

After the branding was established, we could focus on website design. Assured Sales needed a website that was user-friendly and visually appealing, and we were able to create a layout that was both modern and reflective of their brand identity as estate agents in London. The end result was a website that was optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

In addition to branding, website, and logo design, we also worked with Assured Sales on other design aspects such as business card and presentation templates.

These elements all contributed to creating a consistent brand identity that was recognizable across all media.